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Kit solutions

SWESUPPLY prepares kits to match your specifications and requirements. We are at your service to propose suggestions and useful recommendations to find optional solutions for your team and missions.

Our knowledge and wide range of products, brands and manufacturing options will give you a product with high quality, a variety of functions and a kit of great value.

To see the range of product – please register to have access to our catalogue. Don´t hesitate to contact us!

Travel kit / Deployment kit

Our travel kit solution is based on either a wheeled trolley, backpack, or a durable box system. We assembly your kit on demand or offer you a basic suggestion.

Please let us know your needs.

Quick Run Kit / Grab Pack

A personal Grab Bag/pack might be your lifeline in demanding situations. In case of a sudden evacuation or similar emergency, this bag serves as your lifeline and contains the most necessary items for your safety and survival.

The contents are flexible, and we will assembly the kit to suite your request and needs

First Aid- / Trauma- / Personal security kit

All types of missions call for a safety kit of some kind.

It might be a small First Aid kit for the light traveller or a personal alarm or kit for help workers in an emergency as well as a trauma kit for cars for the everyday commuter.

Module Kit

As many UN agencies and NGOs have their own kits on stock for multi-use purpose – we like to introduce our MODULE system.

The system is based on a basic kit contained either in a backpack, wheeled trolley, or a sturdy aluminium box.

Additional items and smaller kits will be easy to add into each procurement, to make your kit solution more flexible. You might have urban missions and sometimes more deep field missions.

You might have to:

  • add a warmer sleeping bag for a specific mission
  • add a women’s kit into another.
  • add a tarp, tent or just a mosquito dome
  • or something completely different.

Sometimes a kit with standard content may not by an optimal solution. With our experience and your description of the requirements, a relevant and most cost efftective proposal will be offered.

When placing an PO – pick and choose the right content for your mission or project including your optional needs – just to cover up your needs for the future.  All this to save money and environmental footprints.

It will also be easy for others to use the Piggy Backing clausula.

Car safety kit or Hotel safety kit

Sometimes there is a need for smaller safety kits for more Urban situations, like Companies or organizations with personnel on travel and missions.

Examples of smaller kits and their contents:

  • Car kit – belt cutter, glass breaker warning light etc.
  • Hotel safety kit – door wedge, fire alarm, intruder alarm etc

Please contact us for more information or for more examples and suggestions.

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